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What is Wrap?

R3DS::Wrap is a topology transfer tool. It allows to wrap existing topology around a 3D-scan or other highpoly model. It also includes pre-alignment, sculpting and texture baking features. As Wrap preserves vertex order and texture coordinates of original basemesh it can be used for creating morph targets of different facial expressions based on scans.

How Wrap works

Wrap example image

Wrap is

  • able to provide you with a set of blendshapes if the scans you use are the scans of the same object that changes its shape
  • a stand-alone application
  • is very similar to MorphIt, but unlike the MorphIt it uses completely different approach and requires less or no guiding points at all

Wrap is not

  • for creating a topology from scratch like Topogun or WrapIt, or for generating a topology using guiding lines, like ZBrush or 3D Coat

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