What is Wrap?

Wrap is a topology transfer tool. It allows to utilize the topology you already have and transfer it onto your new 3D-scanned data. The resulting models will not only share the same topology and UV-coordinates but also will naturally become blendshapes of each other.

This version of Wrap is far from perfect as any new product does. We highly appreciate our first customers who greatly support us and help new technologies to grow despite of all the early bugs and crushes.

How Wrap works

Wrap example image

Wrap is

  • able to provide you with a set of blendshapes if the scans you use are the scans of the same object that changes its shape
  • a stand-alone application
  • is very similar to MorphIt, but unlike the MorphIt it uses completely different approach and requires less or no guiding points at all

Wrap is not

  • for creating a topology from scratch like Topogun or WrapIt, or for generating a topology using guiding lines, like ZBrush or 3D Coat

New version is released


What platforms does Wrap support?

For now it is only for Windows 7

Why does the software work slow on big meshes?

Each iteration the software solves several hundred thousands of equations. A code has no optimization for now. In upcoming release we will be working heavily on optimization and speed.

Is that possible to get an SDK of Wrap to use it as a part of my application?

Yes! Contact us.

What to do if my template and 3d-scan has different scale and orientation?

Use QuickAlignment tool. Select at least 3 pairs of correspondent points on the template and the scan using CTRL+LMB.

What's the deal with Russian3DScanner software?

Although we use the scanner widely in our everyday work, the scanner turns out to be very hard to setup for end user. We decided to slow down the develompent at least for now. Anyway we will share the beta-verstion of the scanner for free soon.