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New artist-friendly and powerful node-graph based approach to process your 3D-models or photogrammetry data.

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Wrap3 goes for free for all the customers who purchased earlier versions of Wrap/WrapX before 4th of September 2016. Please use your current license codes to activate it.

WrapX (Python API)

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Python API to automate complex tasks like processing of hundreds of scans. Note, that WrapX functionality is slightly outdated comparing to Wrap3.

License Terms

A license lets you run one instance of an application at a time. The license is bound to one person and can only be active on an unique computer at a time.
The license can be activated offline using activation code.

Home Use

A single (non-business) license have a “Home Use” rule which allows it to be installed and activated on two computers (such as a desktop and laptop or a work computer and home machine), provided that both copies aren’t actually run at the same time.

Cross-Platform License

Single license is suitable for Win 64bit and Linux 64bit version. Just use one of them at a time.

Guaranteed Money Back

Whatever the reason, money-back is guaranteed within 30 days. The time of refunding vary depending on your payment method.