Author Topic: R3DS::Wrap Iteration 2.1 released  (Read 2080 times)

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R3DS::Wrap Iteration 2.1 released
« on: May 26, 2014, 12:33:04 PM »
We have good news! Wrap Iteration 2.1 now available!

First of all we want to say many thanks to our first customers! We were very excited talking to you and reading your feedback. Thank you for your help and for your patience!
This release if fully based on the feedback you guys left on forum.  New features and updates include:
  • Support of polygroups;

  • Free polygons tool allows specifying regions that should not be wrapped. Stocking on actorís head, eyes and mouth sockets on basemesh model are not a problem anymore;

  • Improved Point Selection tool;

  • Small models rendering bug fixed;

  • Maya-like navigation
  • Optimization process can be terminated any time;
  • Resizable viewports;
  • New parameters are added;
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! If someoneís suggestions are not included in current release it means we just didnít have enough time to implement it and it will be included in next releases.

Thank you again!